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our mission

At Otematata’s Best Dam Pub we value our people first as they are the heart and soul of our business.


We strive to avoid at all costs being tagged or labelled as “cool" or “fashionable". Fashions change and trends

die – Otematata’s Best Dam Pub is traditional with solid values - tradition before trend!


Whilst being traditional in our delivery, we are constantly questioning the status quo to ensure we are sourcing the best possible people, products, and look for new innovative ways to deliver our products and services.  We are constantly investing in our team to ensure they are getting more than just a job with us but personal growth and development opportunities.


We have a passion to deliver excellence in all areas to our guests and to each other as a team.


  • A sense of family in the workplace.

  • A place our team thrives to be.

  • Delicious Hearty Food.

  • Great Accommodation.

  • Excellence in Service.

  • Financially Prudent.

  • Active in our community.

  • A place to grow and learn.

  • A warm & welcoming environment to stop in.

  • Strong internal & external relationships.

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